More woman offers handyman services

Handyman services
18 Sep, 2014

More woman offers handyman services


Increased number of woman call themselves “white van woman” As more and more women start working as plumber, carpenter, handywoman. Could the men domination in those businesses come to the end?

New businees Name: White Van Woman, Age doesn’t matter any more. Appearance: nice dressed in company uniform ( without dropping trousers), smile on her face.

Who is it? “White Van Woman, Handywoman…. or Handyman Service Man….
Based on study of 10,000 staff, currently women now make up nearly 6% of the Britain’s building traders: handyman, plumbers and decorators.

Is this number significant? Let’s check the numbers: today female builders outnumber migrant personnel.

You can not imagine, but this is the truth. Recently the number of women taking up Do-It-Yourself tasks continues to rise year after year. Between 2011 and 2012, major retailer B&Q claimed a four times increase in the number of women starting organize by them skills training courses.

That’s just a pastime, undoubtedly. They’re not earning money from it. The idea is that many women who become unemployed during the last recession started their own building and handyman services business. The new magazine “Women in Trade” being publish, which is dedicated to reflecting the quick expansion women in building trade.
For some people this is strange, why this kind of job become appealing to women. Maybe this is quite easy business to start with? Handyman services , Plumbing Services, Plastering Service

Question is . What impact can this have on trade industry? Well, maybe building merchants will start selling tools and other building materials in nice tones of pink or nothing will change whatsoever.

Is there actually a demand for “handywomen”? You would be surprised. Whenever asked why they decided to start their businesses, a lot of new female bosses claimed that they were so frustrated by the poor customer support offered by companies run by men that they took the matter into their own hands.

Therefore, you would ask: demanding tea from customer every 15 minutes, isn’t good customer service? Unsurprisingly, not. Also more likely you will not see females yelling “WOW” or whistling out of windows at other women, too. Handyman services , Plumbing Services, Plastering Service offered by women across London and the UK. So call your Handyman Services or Handy-woman to fix and fit it. What you heard me! Call Now for your Handyman Service or Handy-woman to fix and fit it

Then. Good for all of us.

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