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Build and Clean contractors is part of  MKL GROUP of companies. We have put together a team of cleaners and skilled tradesman offering a home improvement service. This includes – bathroom and kitchen fitting, painting and decorating, both internal and external, plumbing, electrical and carpentry services or handyman services.  Click link  IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR FINANCE TO FUND YOUR PROJECT?

How We Work

We work with independent building contractors, this help us to take on a lot more building work. We oversee all the work and we do not have builders starting your job and leaving it to start another. We know this is common practice, Not With Us. All builders that work with us have Public Liability up to Two Million Pounds

What We Do, we have recognized that cleaning and building go hand in hand. The services we provide will fix your home and then clean it for an extra charge. Home improvement and cleaning is what we offer. Just think about it. We do the work and then we send a cleaner or a team of cleaners depending on the size of the work carried and leave your home better then when we first went there.

What We Do, we can arrange to pick up the items you would need to start the work. Improving your home is service Build and Clean will do for you.

Getting a reliable tradesman/ handyman London in to do small jobs around your home or office is not easy. In London it can almost be an impossible task.

Most tradesman only want jobs which will cost you hundreds of pounds or, better still They’re not interested in a call out unless it’s at least worth £100.00 or more. However, apart from the most simplest tasks, not a lot can be achieved in an hour unless it’s a vary straight forward job.

What We Do, we do not have a call out fee and you can book handyman services for one hour at the time. We do have also a day rate of £250  for eight hours per handyman, which is much more cost effective. We have found that many more clients go for the day rate. For big jobs we would give you a price for all the work.  We charge £25 for the first 20 mins

Please do not hesitate to call if you need to find out more our handyman or building services.


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