Professional handyman share his tips now

09 Jan, 2015

Professional handyman share his tips now

Professional handyman

share his tips:

1. File the face of the hammer head with filer or sandpaper to help the grasp the nail and avoid the nail from sliding.

2. Every time you paint a wood or drywall surface which need to be primed, you can tint the primer to match the final coat, reducing your painting task from 3 coats to 2.

3. When trying to drill the hole through ceramic or natural stone, place masking tape on it’s surface. This will help to mark the tile easy and helps the drill remain in one position.

4. Place paint rollers and brushes in a plastic bag during short short breaks to help keep them full of paint and stop them from becoming dry.

5. You can use fake credit cards, which are sent by post among other marketing material as a glue

6. Do not try to take on work plumbing or electrical tasks which require specific knowledge and tools. It will cost you more to deal with repairs after and most important can be dangerous for you and your family. Call professional handyman or certified electrician or Gas Safe Engineer.

7. When screw nails into woods, lubricate them with wax or soap in order to avoid stripping the hole.

8. Double-sided carpet tape can be used to hold temporary fastening templates without using screws or nail.

professional handyman

9. Save old electric carving knife. It’s the perfect tool to cut foam for any upholstery job.

10. Cut costs by searching for your local re-use centre or second-hand shops. You can find excellent pieces of granite and marble left over from bigger jobs, that are just fit the size for your bathroom counter top.

11. If you find a design tiles that are ideal for your bathroom or kitchen, but it would break your budget. Use one or two as an accent tile and buy lower-cost tiles for the rest of the wall. It will save you money and be very original. Professional handyman share his tips now


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