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10 Sep, 2014

Polish MP – Handyman London

A Polish MP spent some time working as handyman London, trying to figure out why so many young, very often well educated young people from Poland come to the UK.

MP Artur Debski feels that learning from United Kigdom ways can help Poland deal with its unprecedented emigration issues. On 5th of April he to live as a migrant in London. He quickly discovered that weekly budget of £100 which was set for him was “not possible” to make it through. He noticed that British’s easy system and process, attracted many businesses and people. He was also impressed by London Underground was “very good”.Mr Debski during an interview with BBC told that London was a “special city” and all Brits he had met were “very nice”. Among the first things he did when he arrived to the United Kingdom was visit a Job Centre, but he admitted that it wasn’t very beneficial and he rather asked a Polish friend or a list of businesses, he can approach for work. This resulted in getting a job with a building company, renovating an office in North West London. He described his job as: “Handyman with a hammer”.Mr Debski said he had begun to understand why so many Polish people came to the UK over last decade. Most of them working in building industry, opening Handyman London services or cleaning companies. Handyman London

Hundreds of thousands of Poles have moved to the UK since Poland joined the European Union in 2004.Polish government figures suggest 65,650 Polish people emigrated to the UK in 2008 alone, with 49,000 arriving in 2012.And the 2011 census found there were 579,000 Polish-born people living in the UK – a 10-fold increase from a decade earlier.”The British system is friendly for business and for people,” Mr Debski said.”The Polish system is very restricted.”
He was paid for his job as a handyman £267 per week after tax for six days’ work. Handyman London


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