Bathroom Fitting Services from BuildandClean
19 Jan, 2015

Bathroom Fitting Services from BuildandClean

Bathroom Fitting Services: Here at Build and Clean we provide a huge range of services: bathroom fitting, kitchen fitting, carpentry, plumbing. Thanks to our dedicated team of talented and multi-skilled workers. We can carry out tasks all over your home, inside and out; from small scale repairs to entire remodeling. When it comes to our bathroom fitting […]

Handyman- Top 10 Services we can provide
14 Jan, 2015

Handyman- Top 10 Services we can provide

Handyman- Top 10 Services we can provide One of the biggest questions we get asked is regarding just exactly what kind of services we can provide. There was a time when every community had a handyman to help out and no job was too small. Those times are gone (sadly) which is why most people […]

09 Jan, 2015

Professional handyman share his tips now

Professional handyman share his tips: 1. File the face of the hammer head with filer or sandpaper to help the grasp the nail and avoid the nail from sliding. 2. Every time you paint a wood or drywall surface which need to be primed, you can tint the primer to match the final coat, reducing […]

All I Want for Christmas… a Handyman
04 Dec, 2014

All I Want for Christmas… a handyman

Christmas is a time of year for family gatherings, parties and food. We spend weeks, sometimes months preparing for it, saving up, making a list and checking it twice, shopping for food and supplies. Then of course we have to prepare the house for when all our relatives descend – finding them all space to […]

Handyman services
18 Sep, 2014

More woman offers handyman services

Increased number of woman call themselves “white van woman” As more and more women start working as plumber, carpenter, handywoman. Could the men domination in those businesses come to the end? New businees Name: White Van Woman, Age doesn’t matter any more. Appearance: nice dressed in company uniform ( without dropping trousers), smile on her face. […]

Polish handyman London, Handyman Builder London, Handyman Fitter London. What ever you need fixing, Handyman London Services
10 Sep, 2014

Polish MP – Handyman London

A Polish MP spent some time working as handyman London, trying to figure out why so many young, very often well educated young people from Poland come to the UK. MP Artur Debski feels that learning from United Kigdom ways can help Poland deal with its unprecedented emigration issues. On 5th of April he to […]

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